Specific method of installing airport fence

When the aircraft is taking off, the aircraft starts to roll off the runway, accelerates to the speed of raising the front wheels, raises the front wheels, and rises from the ground to a height of 50 feet from the takeoff surface, and the speed reaches the safe speed of takeoff. In case of special circumstances, there is very little room for maneuver, so if there is no protection work around the airport.

Birds or other obstacles accidentally invade the airport runway. After the aircraft is hit by birds or obstacles, the fuselage structure will be severely damaged. Even if the engine protective cover is too strong, if the strength is not enough, the protective net cover will be rolled together. Into the engine, not only will it affect the safe take-off and landing of the aircraft, it will also result in severe accidents that are unimaginable. In summary, the installation of a fence at an airport is a very important and necessary operation, and it is also a safety guarantee for passengers and operators.

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Therefore, it is very important to install the airport fence. The following is a few points for attention when installing the airport fence: When installing a bilateral fence, you must accurately grasp the information of various equipment, especially the precise orientation of various pipelines buried in the airport roadbed. No damage to underground equipment is allowed during the construction process.

When the post of the fence net is driven too deep, the post must not be pulled out for correction, and the foundation must be re-tamped before driving in, or the position of the post must be adjusted. Pay attention to controlling the hammering force when approaching the depth during construction. If the double-sided fence is used as an anti-collision fence, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process. During the construction, attention should be paid to the combination of construction preparation and piling machine, and constantly sum up experience and strengthen construction management to ensure the quality of the barrier fence.

Post time: Jan-04-2021

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