Anping Yeson sita in villa de celebre Wire Mesh China- Anping. Nos sunt absorbuit productio in princeps reticulum qualis ab initio. Cum progressionem ieiunium, et magis facti sunt multo fortius, et in ramis pluribus extruxerat ad alia products. Nostri products includit: Welded reticulum, insertaque posti reticulum panel, potius confirmat iuncta fuit reticulum panel, expanded reticulum, quadratum filum mesh, hexagonales reticulum, gabion mesh, catenae link fence, aluminium filum reticuli, immaculatam ferro reticulum, ferro filum, hamatis filum, etc .. nostri products sunt et abominabiles facti sunt filum emitur ut in USA, Italia, Russia, Australia, Mid-oriente, Africa et Meridionalis Asia oriente.

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Primo Service

  • What kind of steel wire is used to weld the airport fence

    You have seen airport fence. When you see this tall fence, you don’t know how it is produced. This kind of fence is made of large-diameter high-strength Taiwan gold wire. The airport fence mainly adopts the combination of high-strength blade and ordinary protective , which is composed of V-...

  • What are the advantages of galvanizing the surface of the road fence?

    Galvanizing the surface of the road fence can greatly increase its anti-corrosion performance. Because the working environment of the road fence is exposed to the air, it has to be exposed to the wind and sun for many years, so it is impossible to corrode and rust frequently. Avoided. In order to...

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