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Anping Yeson located in the famous Wire Mesh Town of China- Anping. We have been absorbed in high quality wire mesh production from the beginning. With the fast development, we become much more stronger, and we have set up several branches for different products. Our products includes: welded wire mesh, welded mesh panel, reinforcing welded mesh panel, expanded mesh, square wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, gabion mesh, chain link fence, aluminium wire netting, stainless steel wire mesh, iron wire, barbed wire, and razor wire etc.. Our products have been exported to USA, Italy, Russia, Australia, Mid-East, Africa, and South East Asia.

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    Founded in 1990
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    more than 10 production lines
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    20+products ,One-stop shopping






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  • What are the main points of installing wrought iron fence?

    There are many types of this kind of wrought iron fence, and different fence installation points are also different, we usually see many kinds. This kind of guardrail structure is relatively simple, so the installation is relatively convenient, but even if the installation is very convenient, pay...

  • What should I pay attention to during the use of the bending fence?

    3d Bending fence is also a relatively common guardrail product at present. Some people may need to purchase it. If you want to purchase this product, you should pay attention to some related issues, such as the use of Beijing-style guardrail. what? Many people have overlooked this point, and don’...

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