What are the main points of installing wrought iron fence?

There are many types of this kind of wrought iron fence, and different fence installation points are also different, we usually see many kinds. This kind of guardrail structure is relatively simple, so the installation is relatively convenient, but even if the installation is very convenient, pay attention to follow the correct steps when installing to ensure that the guardrail is installed correctly and can provide good maintenance. Therefore, the following briefly introduces the main points of the installation of the guardrail on both sides of the iron art. When installing a wrought iron fence, the template should be installed first. The templates should be closely connected with each other using screws. Different types of templates are connected in different ways. Therefore, you should stop careful study before installing, check the connection method of this template, and then stop the installation according to the correct connection method.

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Next is the pillar installation. The guardrails used on both sides of the road are different, and the pillar installation methods are very different. Some pillars are directly supported by steel bars, and the lower half of them needs to be buried in the soil. The column should stop the depth excavation according to the specific device request, and deepen the depth requirements in the air to ensure that the column can be firmly supported so that it can be installed firmly. During the installation process, some guardrail posts need to be stopped on site, so isolation areas should be set up during on-site disposal and consumption. If the device is stopped on the main road, the guard line should be pulled around the main road to remind passers-by, and please pay attention to the construction here.
During the installation process, some guardrail posts do not need to be stacked in the air, but simply fixed in the air. When fixing, please tighten all fixing screws. After installation, install and fix one end of the template on the wrought iron fence, then install the next row, and continue to fix the template on the next row, so that the repeated installation can complete all the installation and fixing of the guardrail. After installing the template, it is necessary to check whether the template is stable. If you find any looseness, please find out the reason and deal with the problem.

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