What should I do if the paint on the wire mesh fence comes off?

1. Understand the reasons for the paint peeling off of the wire mesh fence: the main reasons for the paint peeling off of the wire mesh fence are poor powder quality and insufficient temperature. The quality of the powder is mainly manifested in the different particle size of the powder, which leads to insufficient melting of the powder at high temperature and reduces its original natural adsorption capacity. If the temperature is not reached, the powder will not completely melt at high temperature, which will cause problems for fixing.



2. Develop correct remedial measures for the cause of paint drop: After understanding the cause of paint drop on the wire mesh fence, you need to solve every point. For example, touch up paint on the painted fence.

3. There are certain methods for repairing paint, and incorrect methods have little effect. We need to prepare tools: sandpaper, brush, bucket paint or spray paint, anti-rust paint, polyester topcoat, at least twice. If the wire mesh fence rusts, you need to use sandpaper to smooth the rust, wipe off the rust, and then paint. The secondary paint should be evenly painted with anti-rust paint. After the paint has dried, the polyester topcoat should be used again. The surface should be smooth, and the paint can dry completely after it has dried.

Post time: Nov-20-2020