What functions should the chain link fence have?

Almost all stadiums will install chain link fence, mainly to prevent pedestrians from entering indiscriminately and causing damage to the stadium. The basketball court guardrail is mainly considered to be suitable and the safer anti-collision hook-type net is used. The frame is mostly 60 cylindrical, and the net surface is a diamond-shaped anti-scratch beautification net.

The process requirements that need to be paid attention to when the Security Chain Link Fence is produced are: it mainly considers it suitable and uses high-quality wire rod as the raw material. The path is galvanized and PVC-coated mesh surface, which has the special anti-corrosion and UV resistance for a long time. In nature, the thickness of the plastic coating can reach more than 1.0mm, and the mesh covering the face has strong impact resistance. There are two types of mesh edges: hooking and screwing. Unique spinning and threading technology, optimized production model presets, to ensure that there are no cracks in the buckling when the product is produced. After the production of the basketball court fence, all the devices must be derusted, polished, passivated, vulcanized, etc., and then treated with plastic plating as deemed appropriate. The plating layer has strong toughness and forms a special smelted metal structure. Bear the mechanical collision during transportation and use.


The coating thickness of the Security Chain Link Fence is 0.5~0.6mm. The coating powder is deemed appropriate and the imported weather-resistant natural resin powder with better anti-aging performance is used. The coating color is exactly the same. The surface of the plated parts has no lack of plating or exposed iron. Smooth, without sags, dripping tumors or clumps.

The electrostatic spraying process of Security Chain Link Fence can obtain a thicker coating at one time, while the overmolding cannot achieve this rapid final result, and the electrostatic spraying has stronger corrosion resistance. The surface paint of the basketball court fence net does not include harmful things, and encourages everyone to follow the first principle of environmental protection. The speed of electrostatic spraying of basketball court fence nets is much less than that of overmolding, dipping and other processes.

Post time: Apr-29-2021

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