What are the uses of chain link fence?

The uneven surface of the chain link fence is easy to be corroded and damaged. If the galvanized and sprayed plastics hit severely, the cracks can tell you many things, such as the thickness of the galvanized. Chain link fence is used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering. It is a good material for flood prevention and flood resistance. It can also be used for crafts manufacturing, warehouses, tool rooms, refrigeration, protective reinforcements, and ocean fishing fences. And the safety protection of construction site fences, river courses, slope fixed soil (rocks), and residences. Chain link fence, also known as diamond mesh, stainless steel chain link fence, galvanized chain link fence, plastic coated (pvc) chain link fence, chain link fence is made of various materials of metal wire by chain link fence machine It is crocheted and can be divided into folding and shrinking handles and twisting lock handles. Galvanized chain link fence mainly adopts the special effects of air permeability of chain link fence. It is widely used in mountain protection to fix rocks. At the same time, it is sprayed with green grass seeds to achieve the effect of self-curing in the later period. It is a kind of greening and protection perfect combination.

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When the chain link fence is continuously operated in an acidic or alkaline environment, and part of it will stress corrosion and crystallize stress corrosion. When using the chain link fence in a corrosive environment, we must attach great importance to the material of the needle hook to select the bracket component. Now, chain link fences are often used in breeding fences, captive animals, and protecting gardens. The weathered environment is a hard life is guaranteed. After a period of use, some chain link fences will cause welding due to exposure to moisture. Phenomenon, it is easy to shorten the service life.

If it is a tourist area, it is definitely a wise choice to use a good-looking chain link fence. This can improve the overall protection image and attract more tourists to the local tourist area. Due to the high strength of the construction mesh, it can save nearly 30% of steel in engineering applications compared to general first-class steel. This is especially important in today’s power shortage situation. The construction network is convenient to build and the quality is guaranteed.

Post time: Oct-14-2020