The structure of double wire fence

The double wire fence is a simple structure in the fence. The double wire of the double wire fence has double wires. This is for installation and planning. The device is equipped with a four-piece set (screw, nut, gasket, anti-theft buckle) bowl). The double wire fence net has simple structure, less materials, low processing cost, and is convenient for remote transportation, so the project cost is low; the bottom of the fence and the brick-concrete wall are integrated, which effectively overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient rigidity and enhances the protection function.

double wire fence666

The price of double wire fence belongs to the low price of fence netting, the installation is convenient, and it is suitable for large-scale temporary use. The double wire fence netting is especially suitable for factory enclosures and temporary use of nets. Main shopping malls with double wire fence: railway closure net, highway closure net, field fence, community fence, various stadiums, industrial and mining campuses, etc.

There are three surface treatment methods for double wire fence netting: Cheaper and faster treatment methods: cold galvanized, white; sprayed, green, white, red, black, yellow, etc. More common processing methods: plastic dip, optional colors: grass green, dark green, white, yellow, black, red, etc.

Good anti-corrosion function: treatment with hot-dip galvanizing, long anti-corrosion function, double wire fence product advantages: simple and beautiful grid structure, easy to transport, and the device is not restricted by the rugged terrain; especially for mountains and slopes , Strong adaptability in multi-curved areas; moderately low prices, suitable for large-scale use.


Post time: Oct-16-2020