Talk about the precautions for installing zinc steel fence

Zinc steel fence can often be seen in daily life. Zinc steel fences can be used on roads and decorations. In the process of use, zinc steel fences have more advantages. In the installation of zinc steel fences What should you pay attention to when you are online? The diagonal error of the frame fan is too large, far exceeding the allowable error, which is mainly caused by the error of blanking or welding.
In this case, the artificial adjustment effect is not large, and the pvc fence needs to be cut and redone. The mechanical properties of the zinc-steel guardrail is that the hardware used does not meet the requirements of the window. The doors and windows are simply displayed after using defective hardware. The window frame is skewed when the zinc-steel guardrail is installed. The reason is that the line drop and the ruler are not used during installation. Check the verticality of the window, the mistakes caused by this carelessness must be avoided.

The zinc steel fence can be adjusted by adjusting the hexagon socket screws on the outside under the bearing support and the hexagon socket screws on the side of the diagonal rod to achieve the purpose of proofreading. The appearance of the zinc steel fence net should be bright, with burrs, welding slag and significant hammers. Appearance defects such as marks cannot be presented. Zinc steel fence netting is exposed to the wind and sun in daily life, which will affect the appearance and affect the beauty. So how to maintain the zinc steel fence net in daily life?
Avoid the sun: To avoid direct sunlight, you should also regularly scrub with engine oil. Clean and remove dust: Use pure cotton rags to scrub. The depressions and embossments should be cleaned with a brush. Keep away from acid and alkali: It is important to know that acid and alkali are a big killer of the guardrail. If the guardrail is accidentally stuck with acid, it should be cleaned with clean water and then wiped dry with a cotton cloth.

Post time: Nov-18-2020